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Sound Consulting continues to meet the needs of clients still working with the NEXTSTEP, OpenStep, and Rhapsody environments.

Although Apple no longer supports the NEXTSTEP/OpenStep technology purchased from NeXT Software, Sound Consulting is still taking on new NEXTSTEP development contracts. This is to help clients who cannot move away from NEXTSTEP because of their mission critical custom software investment.

Maintaining uninterrupted NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP deployment most commonly requires development of new device drivers so that existing applications and system software will run on modern PC clone hardware. Sound Consulting has extensive experience in DriverKit and IOKit technology and has developed several drivers for various Fortune 500 clients.

all applications run on both NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP unless otherwise noted
see license info before downloading any title
see contact info for pricing and availability

Software Titles available for purchase from Sound Consulting:
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description EnsoniqSoundscape v3.36 Audio Driver with MIDI support under NEXTSTEP (Releases 3.2 & 3.3) and OPENSTEP for Mach (all 4.x releases) Intel.
v3.5 Calibration v3.5, adjust the gamma correction curves to match your color monitor output to your own reference color guide. Useful for animation and other print-to-film applications. NeXT (Motorola), Intel, HP, and SPARC.

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