NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP Audio Driver with MIDI support released for ENSONIQ Soundscape and compatible multimedia sound cards

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PRESS RELEASE: BELLEVUE, WA- June 29, 1998 - Sound Consulting is now shipping Release 3.37c of the EnsoniqSoundscape Audio Driver for NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP for Mach on the Intel processor platform. All releases from 3.2 and newer, including 4.x, are supported. Apple "Rhapsody" for Intel may be supported depending upon your installation.

Current support includes all of the shipping ENSONIQ Soundscape sound cards plus several third-party compatible sound cards which are based on the ENSONIQ chip set. There is currently no bundle of the hardware together with the driver. However, the price of the driver is quite affordable at $60 in single quantities. Distributors should request a Confidential Reseller Application and be prepared to place a minimum order in quantity.

Sound Consulting has been providing quality software to the NEXTSTEP community for over nine years, and is also the developer of the Windows NT Driver for the Soundscape, currently shipping via Gateway and ENSONIQ. Sound Consulting, the EnsoniqSoundscape Audio/MIDI Driver, and this document are copyright (c) 2002 Brian Willoughby. All rights reserved.

ENSONIQ Corporation of Malvern, Pennsylvania, founded in 1982, designs, manufactures, and markets products including synthesizers, samplers, effects processors, mixers, sound cards, and chips.

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