NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP Audio Driver with MIDI support released for ENSONIQ Soundscape and compatible multimedia sound cards

Press Release
Special Note for Windows Users
About the Driver
Where to Obtain the Driver
About the Hardware
Where to Obtain the Hardware
Other Supported Hardware
Unsupported Hardware Options
Future Planning
Please do not contact Sound Consulting with requests for Windows drivers.

If you found these pages by searching the World Wide Web for "ENSONIQ Soundscape", but are unfamiliar with the terms "NEXTSTEP" and/or "OPENSTEP" - these are alternative operating systems which are not compatible with Windows or any other Microsoft operating system (e.g. DOS). These operating systems are based on BSD Unix, were originally developed by NeXT Software, Inc., eventually sold to Apple for $427 million, and now form the basis of Mac OS X.

Note that Solaris for Intel is not supported by this driver, either. Solaris is incompatible with the DriverKit.

Also, in case you did not notice the fine print at the bottom of each page, the only driver related to Windows that was developed by Sound Consulting was the one for Windows NT, which is shipped by Gateway and ENSONIQ. Sound Consulting does not provide copies of this driver because the NT Driver development was paid for by ENSONIQ, and therefore they have the distribution rights. Please see ENSONIQ for copies of the Windows NT Driver.

Sound Consulting has been providing quality software to the NEXTSTEP community for over nine years, and is also the developer of the Windows NT Driver for the Soundscape, currently shipping via Gateway and ENSONIQ. Sound Consulting, the EnsoniqSoundscape Audio/MIDI Driver, and this document are copyright (c) 2002 Brian Willoughby. All rights reserved.

ENSONIQ Corporation of Malvern, Pennsylvania, founded in 1982, designs, manufactures, and markets products including synthesizers, samplers, effects processors, mixers, sound cards, and chips.