NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP Audio Driver with MIDI support released for ENSONIQ Soundscape and compatible multimedia sound cards

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Future Planning
As of April 5, 1998 - Sound Consulting plans to support the ENSONIQ AudioPCI S5016 Wavetable Sound Card, but only if there appears to be a sufficiently viable market. ENSONIQ has been supplying the AudioPCI card and chip set since February 24th, 1997, as OEM to companies like Intergraph, Fountain and Quantex.

If such a driver is completed for the AudioPCI, it will probably be compatible with all sound hardware based on the ES1370, ES1371, and ES1373 chip sets. EnsoniqSoundscape licensees will have to pay for the AudioPCI Driver, because it will be a separate product with no programming code in common with the older ISA Soundscape sound hardware.

Please direct any Audio Driver development contract requests to

Sound_Consulting at Sounds dot wa dot com

Sound Consulting has been providing quality software to the NEXTSTEP community for over nine years. Sound Consulting, the EnsoniqSoundscape Audio/MIDI Driver, and this document are copyright (c) 2002 Brian Willoughby. All rights reserved.

ENSONIQ Corporation of Malvern, Pennsylvania, founded in 1982, designs, manufactures, and markets products including synthesizers, samplers, effects processors, mixers, sound cards, and chips.