NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP Audio Driver with MIDI support released for ENSONIQ Soundscape and compatible multimedia sound cards

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The currently shipping version of the EnsoniqSoundscape Driver is designed to work with both the jumpered I/O hardware as well as the newer software-configurable Plug-and-Play versions. Detection and support is provided for the Soundscape line plus many third-party compatibles, such as the NEC Harmony sound card. Installation and configuration are made simple by a full-featured custom interface for the Configure application, with driver-specific online help.

The driver has hooks to support a mixer application for managing the hardware's on-board ten channel stereo mixer. The mixer application is currently implemented as a Preferences bundle extension available from Sound Consulting.

EnsoniqSoundscape requires NEXTSTEP Release 3.2 or higher or OPENSTEP for Mach Release 4.0 or higher on Intel-based computers (486, Pentium, Pentium Pro, etc.). In case you are not familiar with NEXTSTEP or OPENSTEP, please be aware that no version of Windows or Solaris is supported.

For further information, please contact

SS_NSI at Sounds dot wa dot com

NOTE: If you are running DOS or Windows, please click here before sending any request to the above address. Your request will be ignored unless you have the correct operating system.

Sound Consulting has been providing quality software to the NEXTSTEP community for over nine years, and is also the developer of the Windows NT Driver for the Soundscape, currently shipping via Gateway and ENSONIQ. Sound Consulting, the EnsoniqSoundscape Audio/MIDI Driver, and this document are copyright (c) 2002 Brian Willoughby. All rights reserved.

ENSONIQ Corporation of Malvern, Pennsylvania, founded in 1982, designs, manufactures, and markets products including synthesizers, samplers, effects processors, mixers, sound cards, and chips.

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