NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP Audio Driver with MIDI support released for ENSONIQ Soundscape and compatible multimedia sound cards

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More information about the Soundscape line of multimedia sound cards, featuring 16-bit stereo I/O and on-board General MIDI synthesis, can be obtained from ENSONIQ Corporation.

The following cards are available
directly from ENSONIQ. International customers should look through ENSONIQ's list of distributors for their country.

  • ENSONIQ Soundscape
  • ENSONIQ SoundscapeELITE
  • ENSONIQ SoundscapeVIVO 90

The following cards are manufactured by ENSONIQ as OEM for Gateway, and may have been found pre-installed in your Gateway multimedia computer when new.

The following cards are manufactured by third parties using the ENSONIQ chip set, and usually are documented as ENSONIQ Soundscape compatible. These are not available from ENSONIQ, but are instead found on the retail market.
  • Reveal SC-600
  • Spea Media FX 16
  • Spea MediaFX Wave32
  • NEC Harmony Plug-and-Play

ESP: There is no concept yet in any operating system of an effects processor, so there is no way for the EnsoniqSoundscape Driver to support the ENSONIQ Signal Processor on the SoundscapeELITE. All other Audio features of the SoundscapeELITE are fully supported. If a third party is interested in developing software to access the ESP, then Sound Consulting is available under contract to extend the driver to support this through custom messages to the driver.
MIDI: MIDI hardware was significantly revised for the VIVO cards. The VIVO card is shipped by Gateway, and a related VIVO 90 card is available directly from ENSONIQ. The EnsoniqSoundscape Driver does not yet support MIDI features on the VIVO hardware, although the Audio functions are fully supported. Support for MIDI on the VIVO hardware is pending development of a new MusicKit Mididriver.

ENSONIQ Corporation of Malvern, Pennsylvania, founded in 1982, designs, manufactures, and markets products including synthesizers, samplers, effects processors, mixers, sound cards, and chips.