released for all NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP for Mach processor platforms
PRESS RELEASE: BELLEVUE, WA- December 13, 1995 - Sound Consulting is now shipping Version 3.6 of for NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP for Mach on the NeXT/Motorola, Intel, HP/PA-RISC, and Sun/SPARC processor platforms.

BACKGROUND allows interactive gamma-correction for any color adaptor supported by NeXT, which is important for PANTONE print color matching and especially for print-to-film applications.

Each color channel can be independently adjusted. supports remote execution via NXHost and multiple-monitor installations.

The program offers the option to save your settings to NetInfo in a format expected by NEXTSTEP so that you will not need to continually reset your gamma-correction each time you boot. It is basically a set-and-forget procedure. Also, if you inadvertently make changes to the current settings, allows you to reset the current gamma to match the values stored in NetInfo without restarting the Display PostScript Window Server.

SUPPORT has been successfully tested on multi-headed NeXTdimension systems including one to four monitors, both 25 MHz and Turbo, and single-headed systems based on HP-PA RISC, SPARC, and Intel processors.

Certain Intel display adaptors with limited RAMDAC hardware capabilities do not support hardware gamma correction, and therefore will not function properly with

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