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Bellevue, Washington, May, 1999 - Mac OS X has come a long way since Apple Computer acquired NeXT Software in December 1996.  While it is clear that Apple has made NeXT's technology available in their own products, what is sometimes not clear is how existing companies in the Mac OS marketplace should best take advantage of these advancements.  Sound Consulting offers extensive experience with this technology, and hopes to help by offering program design consulting services to Mac OS based software companies during their transition. 

Many options have surfaced over the years for porting Mac applications to the next wave.  Some of these include the Blue Box, Metroworks Latitude, the Yellow Box API, and currently the Carbon API.  Sound Consulting can help you make the right decisions for porting and can even redesign and develop your software.  While the core algorithms of most Mac programs will remain the same, the key challenges are to reorganize program flow to take full advantage of multitasking and multiple processors, rework the user interface for fast and efficient interaction, and to complete the porting process in time to lead in the competitive Mac OS X market.  Redesigning your current Mac OS application code to use the Cocoa API will result in higher performance than via non-native code from older Mac OS technologies.  Sound Consulting brings fourteen man years of AppKit and Cocoa experience to the porting process which will save your company significant development time and will make it possible to be best-of-class in the Mac OS market. 

Sound Consulting welcomes inquires from companies currently marketing Mac OS based applications, particularly in the Digital Audio and MIDI arena, who wish to port their programs to Apple's Mac OS X operating system.