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all applications run on both NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP unless otherwise noted
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Additional Software Titles:
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v2.2 MIMETextHTML v2.2, adds support to for MIME messages with TEXT/HTML formatting, to deal with those pesky Outlook Express users. Works with both OPENSTEP 4.2 and NEXTSTEP 3.3 after the Y2K patch is installed. NeXT (Motorola), Intel, HP, and SPARC.
v1.2 MSMail v1.2, open Microsoft Mail or Exchange attachments, including the mysterious WINMAIL.DAT files. NeXT (Motorola), Intel, HP, and SPARC.
v1.1 HexEdit v1.1, view files as hex and ascii columns with alphanumeric editing. NeXT (Motorola), Intel, and SPARC.
v2.0 DoomView v2.3, browse Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Strife and other id Software game WAD files, play and export sounds, print full level maps, export graphics and color palettes, plus search and edit the data. NeXT (Motorola), Intel, HP, and SPARC.
v2.0 sdformat v2.0, an improvement on NEXTSTEP's sdform utility to format SCSI hard disks. Allows 1024 byte sectors and beyond. NeXT (Motorola), Intel, HP, and SPARC.
v1.6 check_nibs v1.6, a programmer's tool which verifies consistency for an entire Project between NeXT Interface Builder "nib" files and the Objective-C source code which defines the objects within the nibs. check_nibs v1.7 has been developed but is not yet in the ftp archives. NeXT (Motorola), HP, and SPARC.
v1.8 eViewer v1.8, a browser for SCSI disks, floppy images, and removable SCSI media formatted by ENSONIQ digital audio sampling musical instruments. NeXT (Motorola) and Intel.
v2.6 MPEGPlay v2.6, an MPEG movie player which is independent of NEXTTIME technology. Version 2.8 has been developed with significant speed increases, but is not available for free download. NeXT (Motorola) and Intel.
MV JLCvarious custom MIDI applications which work with musical equipment (ART MultiVerb, ENSONIQ ASR-10 and EPS, drumKAT, KMX 8×8, Sync·Link, Rocktron Pro G.A.P., performance-MIDI modified Roland PG-300, etc.) NeXT (Motorola).
1.4 Originally released on NeXT Computer's Fall 1992 Education Software Sampler, News2mbox v1.4 allows UseNet news articles to be archived from NewsGrazer and other GUI newsreaders into automatically created mailboxes using simple drag-and-drop. NeXT (Motorola), Intel, HP, and SPARC.
v3.0 ConnectMan v3.0, manages UUCP and SLIP connections, tracks modem usage for billed accounts, view log files with live updates, user account login timeline graph. NeXT (Motorola).

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