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v1.3.1 Bad Cable attempts to simulate a bad cable. The result is harsh distortion, much like what a super fast gate might produce. At times, this can sound like FM radio at the edge of reception. Universal: PowerPC and Intel.
v1.3 Overflow generates digital bit-overflow distortion. Another popular term for this effect is waveform wraparound distortion. The effect is the same as found in early ADC chips, which would react to excessive input levels by overflowing the available word length. Universal: PowerPC and Intel.
v1.4.1 rider automatically rides the gain to keep the apparent volume level consistent. Useful for mastering, broadcast, or just listening. Universal: PowerPC and Intel.
v1.0.1 gain offers large, fixed volume steps which do not introduce any additional quantization noise. It is comparable to an audiophile stepped attenuator in the analog world, and is perfect for audio which you do not wish to re-dither. Fine gain control is also available, but it introduces the normal amount of quantization noise inherent in most digital gain stages. Universal: PowerPC and Intel.
v1.0.0 RIAA decodes vinyl with the standard EQ. In addition, there is optional correction for the cutting lathe EQ. The IEC Rumble Filter is currently broken, pending better documentation of the standard. Universal: PowerPC and Intel.
v1.0.0 Resonator implements a trio of parallel state variable filters with adjacent frequency bands. Each filter is equivalent to the standard Kerwin-Huelsman-Newcomb biquad. Universal: PowerPC and Intel.
v1.0 Bit Meter shows both the Bit Depth and Headroom (in bits) for the audio. Universal: PowerPC and Intel.

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